Events September 10, 2007; 19:31 to 22:31.
Minshar Art School, David Chachmi st. 18, Tel Aviv

Miri Segal will present her most recent video artwork: “Just a second, life”

Miri Segal and her assistant, Iris Dumani, created virtual characters in the quickly growing and somewhat notorious online virtual world “Second Life”. The video portrays the journey of the two virtual doubles - designed to resemble their real-life creators. Within the freedom of the unconstrained virtual world, the two stumble upon an existential search for love and for meaning.

Segal explains: “This is actually a movie about death… it is a place that re-interprets freedom of choice on one hand, and on the other, emphasizes our mental limits. You could do whatever you wanted to there, but the question was, what did you want to do? The place is a kind of hybrid between heaven and hell.”

Maya Hoffner - an inside look at the cultural workings of Second Life

Maya is an active member of the content-creators community within SL, and is known as one of the only Israeli designers to be earning her living solely through her work in the virtual world. Maya will discuss the ‘daily aspects’ of living in a virtual world and the implications of that to her life.