Events December 15, 2007; 19:30 to 21:30.
Daila, Jerusalem

After several years of cultural and artistic exchange between Germany, Israel and internationally, as curators and artists, many things have changed within the cultural and artistic fields in both places which have also effected the terms and frameworks for our involvements. What do these social, political and economical changes mean for us as artists, producers and curators? Where will our projects develop to? What are the questions and obstacles we are facing in our daily work and what do they mean in our long term commitments? We would like to openly discuss these questions above along with some of our artistic and curatorial activities of the past few years. Along, we will screen and play some excerpts of our works and projects.

About ‘Ma Iti?’

Ma Iti (What is it with me?) is an ongoing experimental documentary presented as a 4 channel audio-visual installation that addresses questions of identity, home and the personal and political uncertainties that define some of the realities of life in Israel. The work is comprised of documentary footage, interviews.

About c.sides

The c.sides Festival for Independent Electronic Music and New Media Arts is a three day independent and non-commercial international festival for artists, producers and musicians working in mediums of electronic and digital art and who are interested in creating a platform for exchange, networking and discussion concerning issues of art, social, political and cultural concern. The festival is a convergence between a media arts festival and a conference including various performing stages, exhibitions, workshops and theoretical discussions and panels. About 100 international and local artists have participated in the festival as well as in a introductory program for participants that addresses the social, political and cultural situation in Jerusalem, Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories as well as additional burning international issues and c.sides developed out of a continuous exchange that took place between independent musicians, artists, activists and organizations for human rights and social change in the years 2003-2005 and came to fruition in 2005 with the first c.sides festival in Jerusalem. Come revel in a media celebration as we strip reality of its skin, turn it inside out, and reveal what aesthetics may emerge.

Ronni Shendar

Ronni ‘macaroni’ Shendar is an Israeli artist who has been working in concurrent fields of new media art and music, cultural organizing and social critique and action locally and internationally, with great emphasis on her late hometown of Jerusalem.

Till Rohmann

Till Rohmann, aka glitterbug, is an artist, musician, curator, producer and DJ working and living in the twilight zones between club culture, art, and politics. Together they form the artist duo Macabug and have produced the c.sides Festival for independent electronic music and critical media art.