video&sound performance

At the end of 2002, the movie “Jenin Jenin” was banned for public showing in Israel. In reaction, tens of copies of the movie were distributed for private screenings. The movie, created by Arab Israeli Muhammad Bakri, portrays Jenin after the Israeli army entered the city as part of Operation “Defense Field”. The movie shows the Palestinian angle, which stands in controversy to the official Israeli account of affairs.
On the first of January 2003, a copy of the movie reached the Jerusalem pub “Rosa”. The project “Yanoon Yanoon” was inspired by and born as part of this mini event. “Yanoon Yanoon” is a sound/visual improvisation, using two sound mixers and two video cameras. The music comes from an analogic mixer the plays its’ own feedbacks (“No-Input Mixer”) and through a digital mixer that processes the noises in real time. All the visual footage was taken by the group members and by activists in Yanoon and in other villages of the west bank.
The village of Yanoon, as well as the other villages that are documented in the movie, are examples to the negative peaks of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. These villages are small and isolated and they relay on basic agriculture for their livelihood. Extreme violent Jewish settlers in that area take advantage of the villagers’ isolation and fragility to expand their settlements and areas of influence. They systematically try to drive the villagers out of their villages and off their land.
In Yanoon they have almost succeeded. By the end of 2002 the village was almost abandoned, and only thanks to the interference of Israeli and International organizations, did some of the villagers return to their homes.

Heara 6 - On the Borders (of) the Comment