elections project


The "Pettek" project wishes to run for the next elections to the Israeli parliament, The "Knesset".

"Pettek" project attempts to function on several levels; in the art world, in local (Israeli) politics, on the internet and through mass media and publicity.

The "Pettek" project identified the election campaign as a powerful platform onto which "Pettek" members wish to upload contents and actions.

As creative, active and productive individuals, "Pettek" members wish to use the "Pettek" project as a public stage for the creation of a new collective activity. The "Pettek" project challenges formal concepts concerning the place of politics, and the relations between politics and art, establishment and culture, regime and subversion.

The "Pettek" project confuses concepts and uses conventions taken from the different systems in which it interferes (politics, art, finance, internet, religion, mass media, advertisement and activism) to question their validity and influence while applying them to other systems.
"Pettek" is art, politics, surrendering to systems and fighting back.
The "Pettek" project raises the banner of the marginal, the redundant, the unimportant and the subversive; and ignores the important, critical, essential and actual.

"Pettek" is a group of individuals.

"Pettek" didn't invent the wheel,
"Pettek" is only taking a ride.

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