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28/10: SexiWiki

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Posted by: jgomula
sex means love
Not strictly a "Blog", this is a community driven "wiki" site exploring urban sex myths.

Urban sex myths are born from the informational gaps and conflicting messages created by the radically different ways our society addresses sexual education. Misinformation and half-truths give rise to imaginative explanations, which easily spread through society as myths. Just as storks do not deliver babies, these myths are untrue.


27/10: Eccomi..

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Posted by: iotelodico
Category: Submissions
Posted by: luminarist
Luminary + Artist = Luminarist -> -> Artist of Light

Have you ever wondered how artists live? Ah, the wonders of Podcasting.

Luminary World

My name is Aleksandar Lazic, in pod-blogo-sphere I am known as Luminarist. I am self-proclaimed Artist of Light who lives in Melbourne, Australia.

My Blog follows in the life of an artist.
My PodCast & VideCast are about inspiration, Melbourne and creative adventures that are meant to lead you through the process of 'creative recovery'.
My Gallery reflects my love for Life, Art and Light.

visit me and do not forget to leave a comment - I love comments!
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Luminary World - inspiration that fits into your pocket!