Blog remixes based on a foundation built for

In each case the remix is accessible from the blog. The rss feed from the blog is converted into a set of simple buttons. Images are played back in slideshow fashion. For PCs viewer's webcam data is converted into a roaming kaliedoscope. In addition, a shoutcast playlist is automatically opened as the audio soundtrack. Mp3 are fired off with mouse clicks and their titles become mobile phrases. All these features can be turned on or off; but this capacity becomes active only after a certain number of clicks have been registered.

The interface is based on a "click anywhere" model which attempts to reduce the viewers cognitive navigational load while enhancing sensual qualities. For example clicking anywhere on the background photo will change it. Clicking on the video will change it. If the current mp3 has finished clicking anywhere launches another one. Once a blog entry has been read, its button falls to the bottom of the screen. Usability is conjoined with aesthetic thickness in an attempt to augment the sensual quality, and contrast the current focus on textual information in blogs.

The source code flash file and php scripts are open-source and available for download on Year01complete with instructions on how to modify a simple txt file so that the source blog can be set to any rss feed. (see "code" site below for URL to source files)

Blog remix that accompanied "Code" (a 2005 exhibit of online open-source art on ). All images are released under a Creative Commons license and are available on flickr. The Code blog is now dormant but will be undergoing rejuvenation as Montreal intellectual-artist Pascale Malaterre has expressed interest in hosting discussion on that site in december.


Blog of the summer seminar of the Topological Media Lab at Concordia University organized by Sha Xin Wei in July and August 2005, Montreal. The blog is not seeing much traffic currently but the remix utilizes 600 documentative photos and a few films. If you choose to feature the project I could suggest to Xin Wei that he reencourage blog usage instead of their current mailing list.

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