Synopsis: _[net]blog to log][ah!rhythm][_ is a reverse-engineered weblog - read: _bio_log_ as opposed 2 a standardized weblog.
this meshwork of biology/biography + technology [in log form] is inscribed using the polysemic language system termed _mezangelle_, which evolved/s from multifarious email exchanges, computer code flavoured language and net iconographs. To _mezangelle_ means to take words/wordstrings/sentences and alter them in such a way as to extend and enhance meaning beyond the predicted or the expected. It\\\'s similar to making plain text hypertextual via the arrangement and dissection of words. _Mezangelling_ attempts to expand traditional text parameters through layered/alternative/code based meanings embedded into meta-phonetic renderings of language.
_[net]blog to log][ah!rhythm][_ uses the as potential for bio_mimicry, utilizing realtime_units [readers ie hence potential collaborators] as a standard of interaction.
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