Connected Memories (CM) is a particular kind of blog, which merges the autobiographical storytelling, the attitude to a personal journal, with
the idea of a virtual/mind generated hypertext. It can be read as a project for a series of various unique tales, indeed shared, or as a huge collective diary. The CM concept is about Memory, the telling of our own memories and the comments about them and/or about the remembering mechanism of Memory tout-court.
The stories and the reflections which are published on CM can be the starting memory materials for stories and thoughts and recollections of someone else (see the 2d and the 3d maps).
Maybe it could be an interesting experiment to consider how our memories lie in the time/space of our life and of our experience, by viewing all this using our aesthetic sense..

Let’s now try to imagine the memories of CM as a whole, as a very large room, a cathedral of a virtual and free community. Let’s consider it as an acoustically excited cathedral. So we could consider the memories that have more “children”, the ones that more stimulate other memories, like the resonant frequencies of this imaginary space, like points of amplified and persistent memory, like drones.

The CM community will be in a permanent and unlimited growth. The starting language will be Italian, which is my mother tongue, but it will accept interventions in any language that can be written in or transliterated into Latin characters