is a web project serving artists. The site promotes artistic ideas in various fields,
especially digital art, therefore: “Dear artists, poets, architects, designers, critics, curators and
‘lovers of the trade’, if you are short of ideas, this is the site for you!”. Here, the ideas “from
hyperuranium” have landed and found a place or better, a “virtual factory”. Ideasonair, has a
particular theory about ideas and how we perceive them. In fact, think of it like this: “ideas are ‘in
the air’ and the earth is spinning around, connecting with these ideas at various places. So an
identical idea could ‘land’ or be had in New York and Rome at the same time”. This site could be
considered somewhat like entropy. It puts in order and takes down ideas for you. This “online
factory” will be continually updated to give you always new ideas.
Ideasonair is a conceptual artwork in progress and it would put in evidence the concept of “open
artwork”, it gets ideas and wait for their realization. Moral of the fable? The ideas are the artwork
and they can be transmitted… just like the thought.
Check the links to know about realized project inspired by ideasonair at:
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Ideasonair is was selected in the best of the web 2006, for category “innovative”.