Tamar Schori

Beadgee project page

Beadgee is based on the book "Three Young Rats and other rhymes", a collection of 19th century nursery rhymes + drawings by Calder.

Beadgee includes around 30 new original drawings that accompany a selection of rhymes. These drawings can be reassembled. Users are invited to explode the drawings (gizmos) and build new gizmos from chosen parts. In the process, words from an associated rhyme will be linked to the chosen parts and will construct a new sentence that will accompany the new gizmo. An on-line gallery shows these new creations.

no/copy/write relates to Beadgee through users participation, through appropriation and through the act of replacing parts of an original creation with my own creation. The act of creation is dismantled and shared with users.

The project was commissioned by and realized in Israel in 2003 as a part of the "art of narrative" competition.

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