Manu & Mukul

STEALTH WALTZ Project page
(Macintosh OS only)

Stealth Waltz can be best described as an exploratory projection of the future of arts and music in its most cynical and well-regulated manner. It is based on a society where computerised systems rule the world, and big corporations control most of the goods and services with intellectual property rights. In this time, even traditional folkloric art and music will be targeted as an area that can be licensed and owned by a multinational simply based on the fact that, 'the current inheritors of these forms do not have the means to adequately preserve or share them.' Thus, giving the Corporation Inc. the right to 'with the support of a consortium of publishing companies, ...safeguard this global heritage, develop efficient distribution mechanisms, and conduct an archaeology of the traditional wisdom encoded in folklore through the Heritage License Agreement (HLA).' As the only instrumental electronic music in 2/2 time (binary beats) is exempt from the license, this genre can be distributed without reference to an agent of the HLA. Alternative companies wishing to circumvent this license must produce binary music tracks. Hence, the name of this project 'Stealth Waltz' is born. Ambient Information Systems plays the part of the underground protagonist who distributes traditional music 'stealthily' through use of sound encryption. The project is showcased through a website that allows the user to choose which company they would like to hear music from. Upon, entering AIS link, email will be sent out to the member and the instructions on how to encode will be found. There will be two steps, one to download the encoding software and the other to click the downloaded binary beat onto it. Hence, 1 + 1 = 3 since the two procedures will produce a third hidden waltz track.

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