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31/08: Src

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Posted by: reynald

Reynald Drouhin
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Posted by: jeanrichard
JeanRichard present their processes and products in the blog Texts, pictures, podcasts, videos, animations are downloadable and can be used by the recipients.
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Posted by: coyoteyip

Reading Class is a demonstration of media art used to create what Joseph Beuys called “social sculpture”- tangible engagement with the intangible elements that shape our lives. Reading Class is a multimedia game built inside a blog, and directs this social software to the social question of class. Reading Class explores the idea of class as an emergent taxonomy, a self-organizing system, by taking participants on a journey of cultural choices and values. Participants' class identity and class mobility are measured against fixed sociological markers and against the relativistic movement and perception of other participants as measured in real-time, allowing their score (class reading) to change even after they are finished playing.
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Posted by: sinusbrady
Let me introduce you my friends and revolutionaries of all things cyberlicious to the weblog of SiNuS BRaDy ...

A bit of a blog using a DiaryLand diary and also a bit of online character cultivation as well ... I am a database administrator and poet, oftentimes sneaking off into the server rooms on company time to steal away moments to jot down the latest little lines to a newly formed haiku or perhaps a metered diatribe ... very cold indeed in the room, as cold as my mood is toward the corporation ...

Life is very surreal for me as I have been followed by some unknown individuals at times throughout the last series of years of the calendar. My involvement with the innovative live radio theatre troupe Radio Pu, as well as my stint as host of Scara's Night Out, has afforded me many luxuries as a nighttime Boston-area personality.

I have a few vices, one being the unstoppable urge to eat premium ice creams, another being a rather embarrassing addiction to teeth whitening products.

I must go for now. No more late fees. Blessed be.

{ sB }


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Posted by: dorgolan - is a Vlog and platform for artists and scholars for presenting or publishing stand-alone and other quicktime works.
The site is also a resource and archive for digital art, net cinema and experimental moving image projects.
We invite artists to Send us links to quicktime works.
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Posted by: bragman
"Blogging as a job has emerged as companies of all stripes increasingly see the Web as an important communications venue. Blogs allow firms to assume a natural tone rather than the public-relations speak typical of some static Web pages, and readers are often invited to post comments. While some companies are hiring full-time bloggers, others are adding blogging duties to existing marketing or Web-editing positions."

Quoted from ",,SB111748967859946439-lyDSWAT2rsOktwsVXgMQ7NQQV2U_20060531,00.html?mod=rss_free"
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Posted by: bragman
Matisse Enzer's Glossary of Internet Terms puts it this way:
”Blog -- (weB LOG) A blog is basically a journal that is available on the web. The activity of updating a blog is "blogging" and someone who keeps a blog is a "blogger." Blogs are typically updated daily using software that allows people with little or no technical background to update and maintain the blog.”

So, basically, it is a web page, where one can write about anything, link to anything, and more. Other people can link to it, comment on it and so on. Rubish. Simple piece of software easy to manage even by a seven year old child.

But it is not the technical part of it that is complex in any way or even worth discussing, it is the development of services based on the fact that people like “blogging”. The feeling of a vast universe where I can stand on a small planet and shout from the top of my lungs about any kind of topic or issue, with a fair chance of being heard; this is what people get hooked on. And people do read other people’s blogs on a regular basis. Don’t get me wrong, bloggers are OK, rather victims in my view, victims of a new kind of marketing technique mascarading as “freedom of speech and expression”.

Why is this?

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Posted by: cyrill
Hi there to you all,
I take the liberty to introduce the following blog,
whose existence I am the only to blame for...

In this blog I am making use of cut-ups and codes, experimenting with foreign languages - mainly english, but also some spanish.

It is not poetry - it is writing because writing is the more affordable way of expression - small size of files (works in progress can be stored as drafts in a e-mail box) - availability of basic tools, etc. These are low-tech processes; as at that time I was homeless in Ireland, I didn't have a personal computer, so I used the most common pieces of software provided in internet cafes - search engines, wordpad, e-mail accounts, blog... It gives way to a somehow minimalist though chaotic enough aesthetics...

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Posted by: noorg
Blog, one of the most spread forms of expression on the web, varying from personal diaries to community weblogs, professional knowledge exchange resources, political campaigns and more. In their different manifestations, blogs (moblogs, videoblogs, photoblogs, etc.), became a phenomenon influencing in many cases upon social and cultural areas: journalism, politics, alternative knowledge sources, literature, art, etc.

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