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Posted by: ivan
I was a pretty latecomer to the internet, and even though I never had a personal homepage, I did have a few blogs.

Here are two of them, both in Spanish, and both originally at This ran from January 2002 to May 2004. Shortly after that, I gave it its present template. I like it because it lets me see what writing about my life for two years looks like. I wrote it in 2003. I only wrote on the first and on the last day of each month that year, giving detailed descriptions of my life on those days.

I'd be lying if I were to say that these blogs were more than personal/literary blogs. A more interesting question is whether or not you're interested in reading about the minutae of everyday life in Mexico City.

If you are, then you may also be interested in a text I wrote about two other Mexico City bloggers. It is a glimpse into the larger network from which my blogs can't be disassociated.
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Posted by: gus
El módulo constructor-deconstructor de poemas:

Este módulo es parte de una hipotética máquina de textos y fue creado para procesar poesías.

Sirve también para otros tipos de texto
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Posted by: BorderBlog
This is a global call to all artists, cultural producers and activists to contribute photographs for an image blog. ou are called upon to use various types of digital cameras (e.g. mobile phone cams, webcams, photo and video cameras) to document signs of containment and exclusion, of discrimination by the migration and border authorities. Please send new or existing image files via e-mail to

The image blog focuses on the subtle signs embedded in urban textures: texts and signs that have been manipulated to create new/different meanings, random semantic interactions with street activities, and/or pictures and billboards that derive additional meanings from their surroundings. The objective is to reinterpret, reframe and subvert the societal and cultural superficialities we experience every day.

From the submitted images, I will construct a subjective collage of critically reconfigured meanings. The goal of the image blog is a constantly updated, global view into the issue of migration. In addition, the photographic image as a selective representation of reality is intended not only to document what is, but also – enhanced by the grouping and recombination of individual images – to show, in its semantic capacity, what is hidden behind the surface.