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Heara 13: Something is Rotten in the State of Denmark (or a Threepenny Platform)

 “From Zion will emerge the DictaTorah (Dzigan and Schumacher,1956)

Since the first event in 2001, the aim of Heara [Comment] events (multidisciplinary independent events for contemporary art) was to meet among new trends on art, artists and public, through the creation of alternative ways of art exhibition and creation from those that the artistic mainstream institutions propose. The Heara events were critical site and time specific events.

In these days, in which a virus is defined as terrorist and we all become rhetorical and practical potential terrorists, we seek to create a different discourse, a new platform and new and alternative hope through common action.  

Heara 13  is also an independent response to the decision of the Minister of Culture from the 17th of March to invest 8 million NS in a digital platform, instead of to support artists.

Heara13 comes to offer a conversational space that forms, imagines and creates a rhetoric, visual and ideological alternative to that which the government offers us. This platform will enable meeting, discussion, support and creation of new content that responds to current reality. Heara13 will take place in a virtual space, both safe and sensitive and problematic. 

We want to create a new space where we can meet in the times when the public space is being taken from us, when the freedom of speech is being under threat, when the distribution of [money] is being less and less equal, all done in the name of our security and our health. We can also find union in isolation and power in moments of weakness, hope in time of despair. 

Heara 13 is not only done for fun, is done for change, organized and produced in the last two weeks. 

Please feel free to take a copy of a new issue of our Hearat Shulaym Art Journal, a response to an urgent call two weeks ago. The event is for free, but you are welcome to donate to any of the organizations listed. 

Please join us! 

The Sala-manca Group & all the participating artists

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