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In self-reflection and in attempt to address the question our authority as curators and distributors/producers of knowledge, we chose to give up our ultimate right to show/hide the works submitted to projects exhibited on our website. Therefore, we decided to present all the works we have received in response to our calls.

It is important to note, that by doing so we are not canceling our curatorial role, nor devaluating our responsibility for the choices made. Indeed, we run curated shows that unite projects located closer to the concept at hand and achieved higher artistic values (in our opinion). It seems to us that opening the archives may allow for new interpretations of the chosen for the exhibitions topics, and for observation of the relative value of curatorial choices.

We believe that this step may open a deeper debate about the process of exhibition of art on the Net, at least in relation to our activities. The opening of our archives would allow for examination of this process and relation to it, creating new channels of dialog between the artists, critics, the visitors and us.

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