Zero Miles per Hour

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23:15 - 23:45 Zero Miles per Hour | Matvey Shapiro [to the work - Twitch]

Effects of the confinement are many. Perhaps, the first to notice is the spatial confusion and the loss of clarity of your physical presence. Where are you when you partying over Zoom? And where are those twenty people (with you) whom you impress with corona knowledge? The mere number of activities and the geographical distribution of their reference points and impacts, questions the relevance of the territorial coordinates defining the position of your body, and maybe even questions the physicality of your body itself.

Paradoxically, the opposite is also true. The significance of the physical space you spend your time in is vastly magnified. You study your place anew, you explore it, adapt it and bend it. You pay very close attention to various objects that copopulate your narrow habitat. Sometimes such attentive observation brings a discovery of a new facet in the familiar, a new essence or a new utilization.

For example: running a treadmill. A very confinemental activity, manifesting both of the aforementioned properties. Spatially, it’s not clear whether, after thirty minutes of running, you have moved 5 miles or stayed in-place.
Essentially, you discover the musical-instrumental aspect of it. Indeed, it produces sound and you can listen to it, play with it, affect it with your steps. You can put a synthesizer on top and start processing and filtering it, turning this exercise into something a bit less rodent.

מטווי שפירא