Heara 8 - Comment on Schools and Hospitals

Nov 11 2004

The International Anglican School, Haneviim 82, Jerusalem

Heara 8 - Comment on Schools and Hospitals

The International Anglican School, Haneviim 82, Jerusalem
Nov 11, 17:00 - Nov 11, 23:55

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Heara 8 will deal with The Anglican International School building in terms of its two functions during its history: hospital (Hospital of the Mission and later, Hadassah Hospital) and school. The event is an invitation to comment artistically on two central institutions in modern society in general, and in Israeli society in particular. Through these institutions society channels knowledge, values and messages which give form to the character of the individual and thus give form to society itself.

This is an invitation to examine the values that society conveys through these institutions (national, religious, moral…), which are its priorities, its hierarchies (ethnical, national…), its myths, and what are the ways in which it provides or denies knowledge and health to different groups in society. What is the place of the hospital in a country at war; what are the aesthetic symbols of these institutions and what are the images which represent them.

The approach of these two institutions is, on the one hand, to recognize a human being’s basic rights, which allow him to develop and exist as an equal in relation to other human beings in society, regardless of hisreligious, political or economic background and, at the same time, these are two of the main institutions in which modern society manages to eliminate these rights and to develop a policy of examination and control of the individual in Foucaultian terms/

The event will present works which address hospitals and schools in terms of the aspects mentioned above. The fact that the event will take place in a building which belongs to the Christian community, which is not hegemonic in Israel, further invites examination of these issues in the wide, abstract sense within an exploration of the place of these institutions in modern society.

Sala-Manca Group

[translated by Robin Press and Karina Grossman]

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